Farmaceutski-biokemijski fakultet

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
since 1882

Master of pharmacy

The goals and objectives of Master of Pharmacy programme are to educate students for competent participation in the design, development and delivery of medications for safe and efficient therapy.

The five-year Master of Pharmacy programme (10 semesters, 300 ECTS points) is divided in three areas of academic focus: basic sciences, biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences. Programme emphasizes problem solving, critical thinking, and latest scientific findings related to medicines and modern medical treatments. Students learn to practice as patient-oriented healthcare professionals who will work as team with other health care providers. In our modern educational, research and practice settings, student are prepared to excel in a variety of pharmaceutical careers such as working in community and hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industry (research, development, production, control and marketing of drugs), Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices, educational institutions for pharmacists, research institutes, drug distribution enterprises (wholesalers).