Farmaceutski-biokemijski fakultet

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
since 1882

Postgraduate Doctoral Study “Pharmaceutical-Biochemical Sciences”

The doctoral study programme is organised in two scientific branches: "Pharmaceutical Sciences" and "Medical-Biochemical Sciences". The goal of the programme is to provide PhD students with knowledge and skills, to encourage critical thinking and to create preconditions for successful and responsible research in accordance with highest scientific, professional and ethical standards in the fields of biomedicine and healthcare.

The doctoral study programme addresses well the needs of specific research activities in the science, education and business sectors. It qualifies a PhD student to conduct research in a creative and independent way, critically evaluate research results and develop new research methods. Furthermore, it enables the transfer of new knowledge and research methods into practice, including the pharmaceutical industry (the discovery and development of new drugs, the production of (innovative) drugs and pharmaceutical quality control); hospital and public pharmacy sectors; regulatory bodies and institutions; medical biochemistry laboratories and the laboratories of clinical hospitals and centres (identification of new diagnostic and prognostic indicators of diseases and of new approaches to the individualization of diagnostics and therapy); state institutions concerned with healthcare; public healthcare institutions; research institutes; educational institutions and other sectors in society.

The doctoral study programme facilitates the transfer of knowledge between academic, business and public sector, including the area of health and quality of life, which in the Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Republic of Croatia for the period 2016–2020 was identified as one of the priority areas for investments and further development of Croatian economy.

Learning outcomes:

Upon completion of the doctoral study programme, the learning outcomes of the doctoral study programme enable PhD students to acquire the following appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies:


  • assess and analyse various theories, methods and procedures in research, and conduct internationally recognised research projects;
  • formulate research problems, choose scientific equipment, instruments and tools for analysis in the scientific subfield of Pharmacy, in the branches of Pharmacy and Medical Biochemistry, and plan and conduct research at the highest scientific research level recognisable in the international scientific community;
  • select appropriate computer programmes and statistical data analysis tools, and make conclusions based on obtained results;
  • evaluate the usefulness and limitations of relevant scientific methods;
  • plan and conduct original scientific research that will lead to new insights, which may be published in the form of scientific articles in internationally recognised journals in their field of research;
  • critically examine and evaluate scientific research results in their field
  • plan and conduct research with professional and ethical integrity, and identify and assess relevant environmental and ethical issues in their field of research;
  • assess the risks of their work/research in terms of health, safety and ecology;
  • publish scientific research results through relevant national and international sources, participate in scientific discussions at international conferences, and present and promote research results in both the private and public sectors, and the general public;
  • disseminate scientific insights and communicate using scientific arguments with colleagues, the wider scientific community and the social environment in their field of expertise.



The Doctoral Study Programme Timeframe can be found here.