Farmaceutski-biokemijski fakultet

University of Zagreb
Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
since 1882

Doctoral Thesis Topic Submission

During the first year of their doctoral study programme, PhD students propose a supervisor and a doctoral thesis topic, and negotiate work-related conditions in general, and research funding conditions in particular.

PhD students initiate proceedings for the assessment of their doctoral thesis topics by submitting a completed form, which contains general information about the PhD student, his/her curriculum vitae and a list of his/her publications, the title of the topic proposed, information on the supervisor proposed and his/her competencies, an exposition of the topic and the way in which the research proposed is expected to originally contribute to science, an assessment of research costs, and a statement that they have not initiated proceedings for the assessment of the same doctoral thesis topic at another study programme of the University of Zagreb or any other university.

PhD students submit their doctoral thesis topics by filling out the DR.SC.-01 Form via the Online Database of PhD Students (OBAD).

The procedure for adoption of doctoral thesis topics can be found here.

The Doctoral Topic Assessment Panel consists of three or five members, at least one of whom is neither a teacher at the study programme nor a Faculty employee. The proposed supervisor cannot be appointed to the Doctoral Topic Assessment Panel.

PhD students defend their doctoral topic proposals publicly before the Doctoral Topic Assessment Panel, other PhD students and other interested parties. The Doctoral Topic Assessment Panel assesses and grades the originality of the proposed topic in terms of its contribution to science or art, estimates the financial and organisational feasibility of the research proposed, and confirms the supervisor.

The Faculty Council gives its opinion on the Doctoral Topic Assessment Panel’s proposal. The Biomedical field council recommends both the topic and supervisor for adoption by the Senate of the University of Zagreb.

All scientific research on or including humans, experimental animals and biological material must comply with relevant regulations, and must have the approval of the Faculty’s Ethics Committee for Experimentation.