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since 1882

Postgraduate Specialist Studies

The establishing of postgraduate specialist studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry is a reflection of the need for experts who will be able to meet modern challenges in very specific fields of biomedicine and health care. The studies offer an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, skills and competence for the experts who are already professionally engaged, or who want to prepare themselves for future professional dealing with specialized fields of pharmacy and medical biochemistry. During classes at postgraduate specialist studies, not only teachers and associates of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry and other academic and scientific institutions, but also experts out of academic community will share their knowledge and skills with you.

We would like to remind you that by choosing one of the postgraduate specialist studies, you will do a lot for your professional career, because you will improve your knowledge and competence and contribute to your own lifelong education as well as to the profession in which you work.

There are 5 active postgraduate specialist studies available, led by prominent experts for specific fields of work and development of pharmacy and medical biochemistry:


Coordinator: Prof. Jelena Filipović-Grčić D.Sc.


Coordinator: Prof. Vesna Bačić-Vrca D.Sc.


Coordinator: Prof. Ivana Čepelak D.Sc.


Coordinator: Prof. Karmela Barišić D.Sc.


Coordinator: Prof. Jelena Filipović-Grčić D.Sc.

WHO CAN ENROL   in the postgraduate specialist studies at FBF? 

The postgraduate specialist studies can be enrolled by persons who have finished university graduate studies in the scientific field of Biomedicine and Health Care, as well as Natural and  Bio-technical Sciences.

HOW LONG ARE the postgraduate specialist studies at FBF?  The classes of the postgraduate specialist studies at FBF are executed in the period of one year (2 semesters). They finish by taking all the exams and by making and defending the final (practical or theoretical) specialist thesis before the Committee for Defending, consisting of at least three members. It is obligatory to finish the studies within two years from the day of enrolment.

ACADEMIC TITLE ACQUIRED  upon completion the postgraduate specialist studies at FBF? By defending the final specialist thesis, the participants acquire the academic title University Master of (drug development, medicine biochemistry and laboratory medicine, toxicology, dermopharmacy and cosmetology, pharmacogenomics, clinical pharmacy, molecular diagnostics,  and  phytopharmacy with dietotherapy). The abbreviation for all the academic titles is univ. mag. phar.

NOTES  All necessary information on enrolment, attendance, finishing the postgraduate specialist studies, required forms and   The Rulebook on Specialist Studies , can be obtained at the Student Office of  FBF (Marija Štefan, or on the website of  FBF: Addresss: Faculty of  Pharmacy and  Biochemistry, Ante Kovačića 1, 10 000 Zagreb, Tel: 01/4818 302, Fax: 01/6394 400 


Think, make the right decision and choose; the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry warmly welcomes you! 

Here you can download brochure with detailed information in both Croatian end English.